At Home Veterinary Housecalls

500 Northridge Street
Greensboro, NC 27403


Our fees are a reflection of the quality of care that we provide for your pet. They are based on the time, skills, equipment, and supplies required for each case. We are not the least expensive in town, but price and value are not necessarily the same. We believe we offer an exceptional value for pet owners who desire:

    • The convenience of on-site care
    • Less traumatic veterinary visit: no car ride, no waiting room, no exposure to other animals
    • Longer appointments and more time with the doctor
    • Knowledgeable answers to their questions

We make every effort to ensure that all fees are fair and reasonable.  We encourage you to discuss charges before services are rendered. We will be happy to provide you with a verbal or faxed estimate if requested. 

Payment for all services is due in full at the time of the visit. We accept cash, checks with valid identification, and Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

Please consider pet health insurance. It is available for dogs and cats, with rates based on the age of the pet and the plan selected. Coverage is available for annual health examinations and vaccinations as well as injury and illness. Available pet insurance companies may be researched at .

SELECTED FEES as of 6/2017

Housecall Fee (within Greensboro city limits)                                   $52
Wellness examination (required with vaccinations) (per pet) $51.50
Examination sick pet $56

Vaccinations: (will be tailored to your pet's circumstances. Not all vaccinations are recommended for each pet. )


Distemper-parvo 1 year or 3 year $26
Rabies 1 year or 3 year $26
Bordetella (kennel cough): 1 year
Leptosporosis 1 year $26


FVRCP 1 year or 3 year (feline distemper) $29
Feline Leukemia 1 year or 3 year $34
Rabies 1 year Purevax (chosen for safety for cats) $30

Our feline vaccinations are selected specifically to prevent vaccine reactions in cats. We do not use canine vaccines for our feline patients.

Examinations are an integral part of complete wellness care. We do not vaccinate animals without an examination.

Please contact us if you need estimates for other services.